Lady is a sweet, sweet girl! Her momma is our Grace, who has retired. Like her momma, she has a very gentle, super loving personality. She loves being a momma. If any of the other girls have a litter and she is where she can sneak in and love on them, she will. My girl has a sweet heart! Once when we had a very small runt born in another litter, I gave him to her when he was six weeks old and she fed him for two more weeks so that he had extra nutrition. She never hesitated, just accepted him in the litter and took such good care of him. Lady has big, beautiful puppies.

AKC Registered; Birthday August 29, 2015; 70 lbs; 24” tall; Blue



Our little Libby is our newest addition to our weim family. She is so gentle and sweet and right now at her age, so playful and funny. She is growing fast and going to be a big girl. Libby has not had any puppies yet. I’m so excited to see them when she does! She loves toys and hides them in her kennel. Cracks me up! Libby and Eli play a lot of fetch…I love watching them.

AKC Registered; Birthday June 26, 2018; 70 lbs; 26”tall; Blue



My Eva holds a special spot in my heart. She was born on my Grandmother's birthday so I named Eva after her. My Grandmother lived with us here on our little farm for quite a while and we had a ball with her. She was a very young 97 at the time. We miss her very much!!!

Eva is a very sweet girl. She is very well behaved and gentle.  She is a well built, beautiful Weimaraner with a strong hunting instinct. And she is very smart! Her puppies are awesome.

AKC Registered; Birthday April 14, 2013; 75 lbs; 25”tall; Blue


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Best, hands down! Denise let me come and visit for about 3 hours after we lost our 15 year old Weimaraner. We were trying to decide if we for sure wanted another one. She made me feel so comfortable. Her facilities are immaculate and her love for what she does shows. She stayed in touch with me for almost a year. FINALLY our girl was born. I got weekly updates. It doesn’t end after we picked up Natalie. Denise is always available to answer questions, give advice, and even has said she would board our girl. You can’t beat the love, compassion and honesty you get when you purchase from BGG Weimaraners. We will be purchasing again!!!!! 

Amanda, Rome, Ga

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