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Here are some frequently found weimaranar statements when researching the breed. I have first listed the fact and then added my own findings regarding that fact. 


  • What is the temperament of a Weim?
    Weimaraners are loyal and devoted to their family. They want to be part of the family and do not do well if left alone for long periods of time. Weims are happy, loving and rambunctious. Highly intelligent, Weims can also be opinionated and willful, so they need a firm, experienced trainer from the start. "Weims are very loyal. They love their family and are anxious to please. We have not seen rambunctiousness or willful attitudes in our Weims. They have very big personalities that are fun and are very smart and easy to train. If you start as a puppy letting them know what you expect, they obey without question. Weimaraners are known to be reserved with strangers and often aggressive towards other dogs. They are very protective of their family and home territory. Bred as a hunting dog for birds and small furry animals, Weimaraners do not do well with cats, birds, rodents or small dogs. Our Weim puppies live with a small dog without any problems. If they are raised with other pets, they do great. They are protective of their family, but not aggressive. Our male has stood between strangers and our youngest child and didn’t let the stranger near him. He did not growl or make any noises, just let them know not to come closer with a look. As soon as we let him know everything was fine, he walked off. Most of the time, company is met with wiggles, licks, and happy greetings. Our Weims are very social."
  • Are Weims better suited to an indoor or outdoor lifestyle?
    Weimaraners are not suited to living outdoors, and need to live inside and be included as part of the family. They are a very active dogs and need lots of exercise and will do best with a large fenced yard. "Our Weims are outdoor/indoor dogs. They are with us with whatever we are doing. If we are busy working outside or playing, they are playing alongside us. If we are relaxing in lounge chairs or on the couch, they are laying with us. I have not seen that they are over active or need any special exercise to be happy. They are gentle indoors and are easily trained to leave things alone."
  • Are they suited to homes with kids?
    Weimaraners may tolerate children but are not recommended for young children because of their energetic attitude on life. Young children or older adults could be accidentally knocked down. "As you can see from our site, Eli and our grandbabies are loved by our Weims. All our weims love the attention and are very gentle with the little ones. They tolerate the attention with great patients. When Eli was little, he would lead them on leashes, feed them, eat his snack with them without getting it taken from him, loved on their ears, lay on them…..they are great with him! (He is 13 now and still does these things lol!!!)" Weims are an active hunting breed. They have great stamina, and need to be taken for a long walk or jog daily. They also need lots of opportunity to run free and will do best with a large yard with a tall, secure fence. "We have not found this true with our Weims. They are quite laid back! We have trained ours to stay in our yard, no fence. Just teach them from 6 weeks where you want them to stay, and they will. We start training them to do this from early on until they leave with their new families. We love our Weimaraners and have not had any trouble of any kind with them. They are so fun and keep us entertained with their great personalities. We have parents that are well behaved, easily trained, gentle, and loving. That makes wonderful puppies!"


We are so glad you have found our site and looking at our Weims. Enjoy, We sure do!



If you have questions, please contact us today and we will be happy to answer them. 


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