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 Our  Farm 

Hello!  Welcome to our farm.  Have a look around and enjoy!  

 All pictures on this site are of our place, our Weims (past puppies or our pets), and our farm animals.

Danny & I

Where it all began

Our Story . . . 

Our small farm in NW Ga. is a peaceful place to raise our children and happy weims. Danny and I have lived on the same old country road all of our lives.  He was "the boy next door". One day I looked at him and realized he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It has been a sweet life with my best friend right by my side. 


Our favorite time of the year is spring. Who doesn’t love to watch baby animals as they play?  The calves are one of Danny’s favorite. We love riding through the pasture to see if there is a new arrival. The grandchildren love going too. They always ask to see the puppies and cows when they visit. And late afternoon, when the sun is setting, did you know that the momma cows will lowly call to their babies to come eat? It is the sweetest thing. Over the years we have had pigs, chickens, kittens, frogs, lizards, turtles, and many other pets. What an adventure!

 Danny and I have four children. We have six grandbabies. Talk about excitement when they visit and play with the puppies! Our two granddaughters are hilarious to watch. They think that every puppy that arrives is theirs and they love on them and hold them and talk to them like baby dolls. Needless to say, our puppies are spoiled rotten! 

Eli is our youngest. He is ten years behind his brother. A late arrival and the sweetest surprise. He is now a teenager. Goodness! Time flies! He loves our weims as much as I do. Every one of our adult weims get so excited when he plays with them. And it is so funny how he talks to them like they are people. They believe they are! When he was little he always played with the puppies ears. Still to this day, he will hold their ears and talk to them. Makes me smile every time.

Our Weimaraner raising adventure has been so fun. I wondered how long we would raise puppies when we first began. To this day I still love it and can’t imagine not having new babies arriving. 
Wondering how we got started? Well it began with a birthday present. Danny was raised with weimaraners. He grew up with four over the course of his childhood. After we got married, he wanted another. For his 35th birthday the kids and I gave him Rugen. He had been wanting a weim for a long time! Danny was very excited about having a weim back in his life. Rugen was exceptional! I had never known weims and fell in love with the breed instantly.

After seeing how wonderful Rugen was, we decided to raise puppies. Well, I wanted to and Danny  said , “No way! We will be stuck with puppies running everywhere!” He did finally agree and they have become a part of our little farm. And I have had no problem at all with forever homes for them. The children have grown a lot since we first started in 2002. We have taught them responsibility, love of animals, and how to manage a small farm. There is a lot of work in raising healthy puppies. Everyone has enjoyed the adventure. Eli and I still are! The best about it all..the sweet silver and blue puppies that we get to enjoy and spoil! They are so beautiful. 

Over the years we have made forever friends with many of the families that have our puppies now. We love our puppy families! In April of 2011 our home, puppy barns…everything…was destroyed in a tornado. At the time we had four week old puppies and our adult weims of course. 
We lost our good boy, Rugen. Remember, he was our original, first, Grey Ghost Weim. Rugen was very intelligent and the sweetest weim you could ever meet. Just the week before Danny, Eli and I went fishing in the pond. Rugen went swimming! He was almost 15 years old.  I reminded him that he was an old grandpa. A beautiful day, a beautiful memory. We still miss our sweet Rugen to this day.
The puppies survived the tornado inside our home. God placed His hand of protection on them as some of the house and a very large pine tree fell across the room their crate was in. We were so thankful!! Their families came and picked them up early due to no place to keep them. 

One family named their little fellow Rugen. Our Rugen was his granddad so it was very fitting. We still hear from them occasionally and love watching Rugen on Instagram.

Another puppy was named Eli. Guess I don’t have to mention how excited Eli was about that.
Several families called, as far away as NJ, to check on us and our Weims after the storm. Several brought food and dog supplies, etc. for us.  God is so good! We were so thankful for all the love and help. Daily it continued and we still are thanking our Father for it and the love we received from our family, friends, and weim families. Such a huge blessing! 



We are so glad you have found our site and looking at our Weims. Enjoy, We sure do!



If you have questions, please contact us today and we will be happy to answer them. 


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