BGG’s Silver Lining Titus

Titus is a very loyal boy and very gentle. He is also very funny. He bumps me with his nose more than any weim I have ever owned! If I am not giving him enough attention he will let me know by bumping me with his nose.

Titus is a smart boy  with natural hunting instincts. He points beautiful! He hunts lizards and birds that get in his play area and don’t forget frogs. A stick is the greatest thing created in his eyes. He has a collection that I have to gather up and dispose of. But he always replaces them with more . Like I said...he is funny! Eli loves to play fetch with him. He has beautiful puppies!

AKC Registered; Birthday April 8, 2013; 85 lbs; 26”tall; Silver



BGG's Blue Gus

Our Gus is a funny and very smart boy! We raised him from our Lucy and Alabama Titus. Lucy is from our original weimaraner, Rugen. Gus looks so much like his great granddaddy! He is tall and handsome and loves to hunt. We have trained him to bird hunt, however, we have no birds in our area. So we just play with him and hide quail wings and get him to find them. He loves to play fetch and a good game of tug-o-war is right up his alley! As big as he is, he still thinks he can sit in our laps. He will back up and sit on our feet if we don't want to share our chair. LOL!

Gus has beautiful, big puppies!

AKC Registered; Birthday December 11, 2015; 90 lbs; 27”tall; Blue


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Best, hands down! Denise let me come and visit for about 3 hours after we lost our 15 year old Weimaraner. We were trying to decide if we for sure wanted another one. She made me feel so comfortable. Her facilities are immaculate and her love for what she does shows. She stayed in touch with me for almost a year. FINALLY our girl was born. I got weekly updates. It doesn’t end after we picked up Natalie. Denise is always available to answer questions, give advice, and even has said she would board our girl. You can’t beat the love, compassion and honesty you get when you purchase from BGG Weimaraners. We will be purchasing again!!!!! 

Amanda, Rome, Ga

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